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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

L5 Chocolate Slimming Malaysia

L5™ Chocolate, 2012 Hot Selling Slimming & Beauty Product Management On Malaysia.

L5™ is for L-Carnitine, L-Aginine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, and L-Glycine,
this L5 will help you 
to lose your fat and weight.

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L5™ Chocolate is an great beauty slimming product as simply as how you want to lose your weight with Healthy Life.

And L5™ Chocolate is made of plant extact without any side effects, so not worries
about Side Effect.

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L5™ Chocolate is produced by Germany Advanced Organic Formula with its most unique technology formulation and allows you drink up with easily for a healthy and slim figure. L5™ is an Fat-burning Chocolate Drink, which to helps for increase your body metabolism. During the process of fat-burning, this process will generate heat in our body. At this time, we need to drink plenty of water to supplement the consumption of water. Besides, eat more fruits and vegetables will also help to maintain our body temperature and allows body to have enough water to excreted fatty acids from our body through sweat, urination and release heat through respiratory system.

1.L5 Chocolate Chinese

Berfa Shop Highly Recommended For L5™ Chocolate
Beauty & Slimming Product

The significant effect of L5™ Chocolate :
* No anorexia, No diarrhea, No fatigue.
* Increase body metabolism rate.
* Shaping body with burning extra fat in your body to achieve total weight loss.
* Enhance immune system.
* Promote gastrointestinal motility.

L5™ Chocolate that helps you to lose your weight :
* without diet.
* without risk injections.
* without medication.
* without strenuous exercise.
* without calories-counting.

Why we called as "L5" Chocolate? This "5 of L" that will help to lose your fat and weight with Healthy And Beauty Slimming Body :

1.) L-Carnitine,  is a natural amino acid which transfers fat and converts it into energy. Besides, it helps to reduce our body weight by keeping our body water into body muscle cells. It was identified the most safety and non side effects of dietary supplements in 2003 by the International Obesity health organization. L-Carnitine weight-loss process has truly achieved 3 main health weight loss standards under the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria: No Anorexia, No diarrhea, No fatigue.

2.) L-Aginine, when we are getting older, anti-aging hormone secretion in our body will be declined. L-Aginine can stimulate and increase secretion of anti-aging hormone to build a solid body cell, burning excessive fat and increase metabolic rate in our body. The antioxidant of L-Aginine can support various operations in our body system as well as prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and slow down aging process. L-Aginine increase and growth hormone secretion, enhance lean muscle mass, maintain bone density, and thereby reducing fat tissue in our body and it helps to control weight in gravity training.

3.) L-Glutamine is the important nutritional supplements for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. It has the most abundant of free amino acids in the muscle. It enriches nutritional possess the support of metabolism, nitrogen balance and advance the protein synthesis function. L-Glutamine can increase the cell volume of muscle stimulate muscle protein and glycogen synthesis therefore it is not only helps to lose weight but also helps on bodybuilding.

4.) L-Lysine is one of the essential amino acids which promote human development and enhancing body immune function. It is the most important material and essential ingredient to control the long suppression of central nervous system of our body. With enough L-Lysine supplements in our body, it helps to improve the absorption and utilization of food protein to achieve balanced nutrition and improve malnutrition.

5.) L-Glycine which can help to reduce serum insulin in our body. Hence, liver produces lesser cholesterol. In general, plant food contains high levels of glycine and arginine. Thus, vegetarians have relatively low heart disease. L-Glycine can supply more creatine and delay the muscle degeneration. It plays significant role in improving sleep and quality of life safely without causing rebound of sleep problem with discontinuation of treatment.

How to drink L5™ Chocolate as effectively, this is how as simple and easy to boost up your slimming program :
Step 1 : Make sure you are empty stomach and it is before breakfast. Before 9:00AM is the best time to consume L5 Chocolate.

Step 2 : Prepare 50ml of warm water (30°C) and mix with L5 Chocolate.

Step 3 : After consumed L5 Chocolate, you can do 5 minute exercise or longer. You can stop exercise if you are start sweating.

L5™ Chocolate Internationally recognized food safety indicators :
- Suitable for vegetarians.
- High standard quality assurance.
- GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Factory) certified.
- Certified by Ministry of Health Malaysia.
- Authentic HALAL certification issued by the Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development.

L5™ Chocolate Ingredients :
Guarana extract, white kidney bean extract, low fat milk powder, cocoa fiber, hot chocolate powder, oligosaccharides

L5™ Chocolate Direction for use :
Consume 1 sachet of L5 Chocolate mix with 50ml warm water before breakfast daily. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water for more effective results.

L5™ Chocolate Cautions :
Restrict for 18 – 60 years old healthy adults only. Keep away from children. DO NOT consume during breast-feeding and pregnancy.

L5™ Chocolate Specification :
15 sachets per box, each sachet serving size 10g.

L5™ Chocolate Storage :
Avoid direct sunlight and keep product in cool and dry condition

Product Name : L5™ Chocolate

Product Stock Code : BS1004e_Slimming_L5 Chocolate Slimming (BS1004e)

Product L5 Chocolate Review : L5™  taste out good figure - Germany Formulated Specialized For Weight Management, is fat-burning Chocolate Drink. Just drink L5™ CHOCOLATE for everday morning, become as beauty slim healthy shouldn't be a dream anymore.

Product Pack : 1 Box = 15 packs

Product Nationwide Price For West Malaysia L5 Chocolate:
* 1 Box RM120.00
* 2 Boxes RM230.00 (ori price RM240.00) - 1 month slimming treatment.
* More quantity price on L5 Chocolate please contact us. This is L5 Chocolate Normal Selling Price without promotion period and are not included on West Malayisia Delivery charge fees.

Product Nationwide Price For East Malaysia L5 Chocolate :
* 1 Box RM125.00
* 2 Boxes RM240.00 (ori price RM250.00) - 1 month slimming treatment.
** More quantity price on L5 Chocolate please contact us. The selling price are INCLUDED on East Malaysia On This Price List.

Product Delivery Charge :
* 1 Box RM6.00 West Malaysia, RM6.00 East Malaysia
* More quantity price on L5 Chocolate courier fees please contact us.

Product Delivery Area : West Malaysia And East Malaysia For L5 Chocolate

Product (L5 Chocolate) Process Delivery Duration :
1.) L5 Chocolate On Kuala Lumpur & Selangor - Same day before 4.00pm for phone ordering with terms and condition, your goods will be send out at the same day. Minimum order for L5 Chocolate is 4 Boxes.

2.) L5 Chocolate On West Malaysia - Before 1.00pm for your ordering and payment pass verification. You will receive your goods within 2 - 3 working days. If is after 4.00pm we will count as tomorrow ordering.

3.) L5 Chocolate On For East Malaysia - Before 1.00pm for your ordering and payment pass verification. You will receive your goods within 3 - 6 working days. If is after 4.00pm we will count as tomorrow ordering.

Working Days & Time : Berfa Shop work for 7 working days from 9.00am to 5.00pm, except public holiday. Online or phone ordering only allow for 9.00 am to 8.00pm

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