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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Snake New Year

2013 Happy Chinese Snake New Year.

The value promotion package for 2013 Chinese New Year. The promotion package is L5 Chocolate 4 Boxes + Skinourish 2 Boxes is only RM600 for West and East Malaysia, the original price for this package is RM760, you are SAVE UP TO RM160.

Small Note To Share :
[ Chinese New Year 2013 will be celebrated on a Sunday and Monday, with a replacement holiday on Tuesday for all states except Kelantan and Terengganu. It will be followed 15 days later by Chap Goh Mei, which, though not an official day off, is still an important time for families to gather together again to end the CNY celebrations with a meal and more fireworks. ]

Berfa Shop only start to accept the order again from Feb 14th, but we at Feb 22th just fully to do whole nationwide delivery again since our schedule.

Berfa Shop Previous Post Ads“2013 蛇年新年快乐

After new year days, you may need L5 Chocolate for your lose weight, and Skinourish Matcha Collagen to improve your beauty skin.

This new year, we only have 1 package for the Promotion which is :
Package A :L5 Chocolate 4 Boxes + Skinourish 2 Boxes = RM600
Last Day Valid Promotion : 2013 Feb 19th, please place and reserved your package with us or our authorized agent.

You also can buy this promotion package to send gift to your relative, family and your friends. This is good package for you at the same time can lose weight and for your skin beauty.

 L5, Skinourish New Year Promotion eModel Content

Berfa Shop is Authorized Wholesalers & Distributor for L5 Chocolate, Skinourish and Pro 9 from A2Dlife. Our concept and program is only for one type categories product from only 1 brand. If you are looking for Slimming and Beauty Skin, please called us, we highly recommended for L5 Chocolate & Skinourish.

L5, Skinourish New Year Promotion Chinese

2013 Happy Chinese New Year Promotion Package Postage For West and East Malaysia are same.

You can place order from our Nationwide Authorized Agent, and our Franchise Partnership

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2013 snake year happy chinese new year promotion from Berfa Shop

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2013 蛇年新年快乐


2013年最热卖的新年产品L5 CHOCOLATE 瘦身 与 SKINourish 抹茶胶原蛋白

安妮美商店之前帖子“2012 圣诞节促销配套”


全城最Hit的L5 chocolate 在早前数度全城断货,加上12月的圣诞节配套更是引起一阵抢购风潮。配合农历新年的到来,我们询众要求再度优惠,让想变瘦及变美的顾客们可以在不必付高费用的情况下就可以享用产品。现在您只需区区的RM600就可以购买到4盒L5及2盒SKINourish,节省RM160(原价RM760)。

还有20多天就是华人农历新年,想让亲朋好友对你的身材哗然?想拥有蛇腰过好年?想听到朋友对你说你变美变年轻了?现在开始服用 L5 chocolate 及SKINourish 还来得及哦。

这次只有一个完美配套,让喜欢 L5(变瘦) 及 SKINourish(变美)的顾客们都能一致受惠,以最优惠的价钱买到城中最热门且最安全食用的产品。为了答谢顾客们对本公司产品的支持,每个配套都即买即送,折扣高达10%~20%或以上。

配套 A :L5 Chocolate 4盒 + Skinourish 2盒 = RM600


 L5, Skinourish New Year Promotion eModel Content

安妮美商店是本地授权批发与销售于L5 CHOCOLATE 与 SKINOURISH 抹茶胶原蛋白来自A2DLIFE。我们专销售与批发单一种类消费产品,给予客户更专业化。如你想瘦身那L5 CHOCOLATE是你的首选, 如你想美容漂泊那我们的SKINOURISH抹茶胶原蛋白是你的首选。

L5, Skinourish New Year Promotion Chinese


立刻跟我们安妮美商店附近的授权代理订购, 谢谢

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2013 snake year happy chinese new year promotion from Berfa Shop
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