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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dockong Malaysia Healthy Life

Start 2013 Jan, we are stop selling this product on Berfa Shop, please taken update note. Official Announce on blog 2014 March 2nd.
The Top 10 Online Healthy Hot Selling Product On Malaysia - Dockong (独刚
To Perfect Your Healthy Life.

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Boost Men Health and Virility with DocKong

A 100% Pure Health Supplement That You Must Know!

It is a blended herbal extracts drink made from various kinds of herb using Japanese technology conforms to an ancient recipe. It is a health drink which is 100% natural. It contains no chemical, additive nor preservative and is bacteria free.

Update "this product Dockong have been discontinue selling by berfa shop, 2013 December 13th"

DocKong is not medicine. It is a blended herbal extracts drink made from various kinds of herbs using Japanese technology conforms to ancient recipe. It has passed the test of Singapore government recognized laboratory SGS and Health Science Authority (HSA). Further Analysis reveals that DocKong is bacteria free.

Who Is Dockong?
Dockong Trading is an international brand with Singapore as its home base which specializes in promoting natural health products and international marketing skills. Dockong's managerial team consists of experienced members who possess strong financial skills, advanced knowledge of life sciences and rich experiences in the area of sales management. "Dockong" is a combination of 100% natural herbs which has been discovered some 300 years ago. Today, the managerial team has improved the products with new modern Japanese technology to serve our consumers better. Dockong is widely consumed by Asians due to its high quality and effectiveness. The products are gaining increasing recognition after establishment since a few years ago.

Dockong Team
With the professional visionary team which covers financial, marketing, technological aspects extensively, Dockong Trading is definitely worth your support.

Dockong The Professional Team
1. Armstrong Jack is an expert in the field of life sciences. He has an in-depth knowledge of humans' biological and psychological behavior and specializes in cellular science.

2. Tony Capirol is an economic expert who has high confidence in analysing the market strategically after years spent on multinational level marketing. He is in charge of all the financial management of the company.

3. Francis Tan is a technological expert who specialises in software designing, always taking into consideration the personal monetary and social needs of the consumers.

4. Peter Ong specializes in herbal experimentation. He understands how most herbs help to improve the functions of the human body and attempts to combine herbs carefully to maximize the health benefits of consuming Dockong products.

Dockong Vision
To provide support for individuals who are genuinely interested in earning money via marketing and groom these individuals into healthy, happy and wealthy people.

Are you easily tired ? Are you lacking the "Man's Power" to satisfy your spouse ? Do not lose heart. Help is here. Let me introduce DocKong. The one Natural Herbal Tonic male drink that is useful for :-
1. Enhances the ability of men
2. Relieves muscle and joints inflammation
3. Improves on the condition of enlarged prostate gland
4. Reduces sinsitis and sensitive nose
5. Increases vitality
6. Insomnia
7. Gastric problem

That's not all. DocKong has many other benfits. Continue go for below more information and eSocial Related Links For Dockong

Nowadays we living in a stressful environment with enormous pressure, thus we cannot eat and sleep well. Men who follow an orderly lifestyle are specially at risk. Their sexual lives are affected, leading to an unhappy marriage life. DocKong can help male to life up his "sexuality".

The benefits of DocKong :
1. Increase in male sexuality function - DocKong for those who erect barriers, sexual intercourse time is short, weak. The reasons being, after taking DocKong, the hardness of a male's organ and his endurance power has improved tremendously, thus greater ability to perform.

2. Anti-Inflammation - A DocKong compound is known to have various biological activities that have Anti-inflammation, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Tumor effects. In shorts, taking DocKong can effectively alleviate the troubles caused by Muscle Pain, Internal Inflammation and Ulcer etc.

3. It helps reduce the symptoms of Sinusitis and Sensitive Nose. Adults and children can take.

4. It helps in problem of Prostate Gland Enlargement - As men aged, most will develop prostate gland enlargement. This will make a man having difficulty in Urination, increased frequency of urination at night or weak urine system. DocKong will help reduce the size of the prostate gland thus help solve the symptoms.

5. Gastric problem can be alleviated by taking DocKong drink and capsules.

6. "Strengthen" the Kidney functions - Many people have kidney related problems due to body pollution or do not drink enough of plain water. The active ingredients in DocKong will help the body to detoxify and then restore its energy, subsequently allows the kidney to function properly.

7. It alleviates the Joint Pain - DocKong will definitely lighten the pain of the joints. When taking it initially, one will somehow experience great discomfort, but if one persistent taking it, the pain will just go away after a few days.

8. Anti-Allergy - DocKong does help people who suffer from various allergies like food allergy and Eczema etc. After taking DocKong for 2 to 3 months, those problem will be reduced or subsided.

9. It enhances the beauty of the skin - The molecules of DocKong natural drink are able to penetrate it initially the cells quickly. Therefore it is able to nourish and beautify the skin effectively as well. One will realize how his or her skin becomes more elastic and smooth after taking the drink for a short period of time.

10. Sound Sleep - One of many reasons people like to drink DocKong is that they are able to sleep profoundly at night. And they feel fresh and energetic the next day, every day.

11. And many more benefits, you can find out our testimonial from local news paper, news board, video etc.

Important considerations when you consume DocKong, please pay attention to the following considerations :
1. Drink DocKong with empty stomach. consume 30ml each time, 2 times daily. morning & night.

2. Avoid drinking coffee/tea/alcohol after drinking DocKong.

3. Put DocKong-Drink into refrigerator after it's opened. Do not need to put DocKong capsule into refrigerator after it's opened.

4. To put in a cooling's good for two years.

5. To consume DocKong drink & capsule together for better effect.

6. To those who have weak heart condition and those who had surgery, kindly reduce the consumption amount (i.e. reduce to 15ml and 2 capsules)

7. Not suitable for pregnant ladies.

8. After consuming DocKong, do remember to push 2/3 of the bottle cap to the bottle, it's easier to open the cap subsequently.

Detoxification Effect Of Dockong
Users will initially experience some forms of detox effect. It is a good sign and do not be alarmed. Usually it will last only a few days to a week. During which one should not stop drinking Dockong.

More About On Dockong :
- Approved for sale by Singapore HSA.
- The products passed the stringent tests required by local authority.

Product Name : Dockong (独刚)

Product Stock Code : BS1013e_Healthy_Dockong Perfect Healthy Life 独刚 (BS1013e)

Product eTalk : The Dockong is the one Natural Herbal Tonic male drink that is useful for enhances the ability of men, relieves muscle and joints inflammation, improves on the condition of enlarged prostate gland, reduces sinsitis and sensitive nose, increases vitality, insomnia and gastric problem.

Dockong Package :
DocKong Drink (液体) : 750ML/bottle
DocKong Capsule(胶囊) : 100 Capsules/box
DocKong SET (一套) : 2 DocKong Drink (液体)+ 1 DocKong Capsule (胶囊)

Product Price :
* 1 Dockong Drink RM180.00
* 1 Dockong Capsule RM170.00
* 1 Dockong Set : 2 DocKong Drink (液体)+ 1 DocKong Capsule (胶囊)RM530.00

Product Delivery Charge :
* 1 Dockong Drink - RM10.00 For West Malaysia ; RM20 For East Malaysia
* 1 Dockong Capsule - RM10.00 For West Malaysia ; RM20.00 For East Malaysia
* 1 Dockong Set - 2 DocKong Drink (液体)+ 1 DocKong Capsule (胶囊)- RM10.00 For West Malaysia ; RM20.00 For East Malaysia

Product Delivery Area : West / East Malaysia

Product Process Duration :
1.) For Kuala Lumpur & Selangor : Same day before 4.00pm for phone ordering with terms and condition, your goods will be send out at the same day.

2.) For West Malaysia - Before 4.00pm for your ordering and payment pass verification. You will receive your goods within 2 - 3 working days. If is after 4.00pm we will count as tomorrow ordering.

3.) For East Malaysia - Before 4.00pm for your ordering and payment pass verification. You will receive your goods within 3 - 6 working days. If is after 4.00pm we will count as tomorrow ordering.

Working Days & Time : Berfa Shop work for 7 working days from 9.00am to 5.00pm, except public holiday. Online or phone ordering only allow for 9.00 am to 4.00pm

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