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Berfa Shop Sales Order eDepartment

You can make order from Berfa Shop with few different method for L5 Chocolate, Skinourish Matcha Collage And Pro9.

2013 April 20th Update : Sales Order now can be ordering from Online And Offline.

Berfa Shop Sales Ordering Process For Online & Offline
1.) Make order from Official Berfa Shop by Berfa Tan (Owner of Berfa Shop)Order State is Selangor And Kuala Lumpur area.

2.  Berfa Shop Franchise Management Team
Berfa Tan (Berfa Shop Official Account) 陈安妮美
Contact Number : +6014-966 1502 (wechat/LINE/whatsapp "berfashop")
PM Message : By PM Message For Berfa Shop Official On Facebook

Yummi Bii
Contact Number : 0163184830
PM Message : By PM Message For Yummi Miao Bibi Official On Facebook

Queeny Soo
Contact Number : 0176199271
PM Message : By PM Message For Queeny Soo Official On Facebook

Mellisa Tan
Contact Number : 0127746722
PM Message : By PM Message For Mellisa Tan Official On Facebook

3. Berfa Shop Nationwide & International Authorized Agent & Seller (search at any social search engine for bsgroup, berfashop, Berfa Shop, 安妮美) 

Berfa Shop Sales Order Procedure For Online With Berfa Shop :
1. Contact one Of Berfa Shop Official Person as above list.

2. Make sure you already know what product you want to place order.

3. Give us your order details as Receiver Name, Address, Contact Number And Product Quantity.

4. Make your order payment on your sales order in-charge person (the payment account you will direct due with her or him).

*** For safety and avoid any complicated of your payment verify, Berfa Shop wont show out any Banking Details at our blog or website.
*** Berfa Shop will not handle any responsible of payment and goods you direct due one of authorized seller. Or you need to keep your banking resists until you receive your order goods.
*** Berfa Shop will accepted nationwide and international sales order.If you are International you can make payment with Paypal.

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Disclaimer: [by Berfa Shop Group] was established to provide good, practical information to help healthy adults in their weight loss efforts. We are specialized and leading for L5 Chocolate, pro9, Mocha Of Love, S6 ChlorophyII, Winter December Atof, Nuvida Series, Belle Collagene, Belle Detox, Belle Yam Yam, Lavenders, and Eye Spa. This site is not intended for people under 18 years, pregnant or breast feeding women, underweight individuals or people with eating disorders or any health condition that requires a special diet. We do not guarantee that the slimming result will be completely works on every person. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT A QUALIFIED DOCTOR BEFORE USING OUR SLIMMING PRODUCT! For more product information usage and ordering, please contact Berfa Shop "陈安妮美商店" Official Or Berfa Shop Nationwide Authorized Seller.

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