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Friday, August 15, 2014

L5 Chocolate Platinum 6 Boxes Promotion

update : promotion have been extend until august 15th 2014, but is sorry very late update on this blog. Very busy promote ads on facebook social

Good New For L5 Chocolate Platinum Fans

Now Super Promotion 6 Boxes Only RM550 For West And East. Time Limited

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2014 June - August Promotion For L5 Chocolate And pro9.

Promotion Name :L5 Chocolate Platinum Meet pro9 Detox
Promotion Authorized Dealer : Berfa Shop
Promotion Brand : A2Dlife
Promotion Package : 6 Boxes L5 Chocolate Platinum only RM550. L5+pro9 RM580
Promotion Date : 2014 June 1th Until July 31th.
Extend Promotion Date : 2014 August 15th.
Original Per Box Price : RM120 One Box West, East RM125

2014 June August L5 Promotion 2 A2Dlife

What Is L5 Chocolate Platinum Enhanced Version?
  • More Effected Result On Slimming & Lose Weight. 
  • Add On Carcinia Cambogia, Germany Formula. 

 What Is Garcinia Cambogia? 

  • is a Fat Blocker 
  • is an Appetite Suppressant 
  • Boosts Metabolism 
  • Lowers Blood Cholesterol 
  • Improves Immune Function 
  • Garcinia Cambogia does not feature any artificial additives or binders.

L5 Chocolate铂金加强版促销

最热慢最火爆的网络瘦身产品 - L5 Chocolate 巧克力瘦身美美有促销哦。


产品名称 :L5 Chocolate 铂金加强版遇见排毒pro9
产品授权供应商 : Berfa Shop 陈安妮美商店
产品品牌 : A2Dlife
产品包装规格 : 6盒L5 RM550,5+9 RM580
促销截期 :2014 6月1号至到7月31号
促销延长截期 :2014 8月15号
产品原价 : 西马一盒RM120, 东马一盒 RM125

2014 June September L5 Promotion 14 A2Dlife

改良版L5整合成份,让L5更全面发挥有效的燃烧脂肪瘦身效果!当中所添加了一種叫“藤黃果/ GARCINIA CAMBOGIA”的成份在里面。藤黄果GARCINIA CAMBOGIA特性:
▶ 促进体内脂肪燃烧: 

▶ 能调节人体内脂肪代谢: 

▶ 增加肝脏和肌肉储存肝醣的能力:

▶ 抑制食欲的功效: 

有意予零售/代理商/经销商/批发商/DROPSHIP部门产品之一联系负责人方式之一 :

2014 June August L5 Promotion 12 A2Dlife
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